Kevin Hart reveals the celebrities he would have roasted for the Oscars opening monologue

Kevin Hart has been surrounded by controversy regarding the hosting the Oscars since old tweets have resurfaced.

Tweets of homophobic nature published back in 2009 and 2010 caused massive backlash and many called for him to be pulled from the job.

The Academy had no choice but to ask him to either apologise or step down from the job.

Although he did later apologise for the tweets, he decided to step down from the job, so that the attention would not be focused on him and his controversy on the night and instead on the many films and talented people that deserved the attention.

Even though he gave up that gig, he had been planning it for a while before and revealed to Stephen Colbert some of the jokes that he would have used in the opening monologue of the night and in this industry, not even close friends will be safe from a public roasting.

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