Featured Image for Ping Pong Supernova: the most surreal hip hop film you’ll ever see

Ping Pong Supernova: the most surreal hip hop film you’ll ever see

It’s installation art, hip hop, and experimental filmmaking all rolled into one.

Brussels-based multi-disciplinary artist Vinco Zierowan has released what is considered his debut art house production, entitled Ping Pong Supernova.

The 16-minute film takes its audience on a surreal visual and auditory experience featuring abstract movement, striking colours, and theatrical installations. Although largely inspired by hip-hop influences, Ping Pong Supernova surprises by looking unlike any hip-hop music video ever – and more closely resembles a van Gogh painting.

“I’ve also been digging a bit deeper into Stan Brakhage’s [an experimental filmmaker] work last years, as he has always fascinated me deeply, the craftsman, the teacher and visual magician brought me into a new way of looking at painting through cinema,” Vinco told OE Magazine.

“I was wondering whether I could recreate similar aesthetics but only with digital cameras and digital media, which would challenge me to find another way of painting, on different kinds of canvasses. This time the screen would become my canvas.”

We recently spoke to Vinco to get to know him and his art a bit better.

Tell us a little about your background – what path led you to becoming a multidisciplinary artist, and to doing what you’re doing today?

“I’m Vinco, I started graffiti and painting when I was 16 and fell in love with a few books and movies about Jean Michel Basquiat who introduced the romantic art world to so many young people today.

When I turned 19, I co-founded an art collective with Saji Debongnie, Tim de Fontaine, and Marnik Boekaerts back in Brussels which was going to be named CHPT.01 (CHAPTER ZERO ONE) and this collective was going to be a group of people who were collaborating together in multiple disciplines of art, so it happened!

We started organising multidisciplinary events in Brussels, London, Paris, and Berlin, such as projecting movies on dancers, painting with machines, expositions in the Brazilian embassy, rave parties in the royal park and combining poetry with performances.

So we grew into a big cosy group of a lot of artists and that definitely shaped who I am right now as I love being in all the multiple disciplines and all the different people around me who inspired me so much.”

How would you describe your work?

“I would describe my work as surreal, mysterious, dreamy, colourful, made by trial and error, and influenced by many genres. I’m very interested in the subconscious elements of our lives, such as the dreams, fantasies, fears, and nightmares. I try to keep a dream book where I can write all of my ideas.”

What was the inspiration behind Ping Pong Supernova?

“The inspiration behind Ping Pong Supernova came along together with SADU who I made the movie together with. He’s a great hip hop musician and artist I’ve performed with over the past years in our music group Capten Hero.

We’ve also worked together in a drag queen cabaret in Brussels. That’s where we also casted Sugar Love (the actress who plays Mama Universe) this place definitely inspired us so much because there’s an overload of artificial beauty and theatre, it’s a place of surrealism and fantasy!

The main inspirations are all kinds of artists and disciplines definitely to throw you some names: Shabazz Palaces (with their amazing cinematographic videoclips), The Gorillaz blew my mind with their audiovisual combo, Olivier de Sagazan and his incredible make up faces.

Then there’s the surrealism of Kay Sage, the filmic poetry by Alejandro Jodorowsky, the young Spanish surrealist Albert Moya, the film painter Stan Brakhage, Milo (the rapper), The female mystic surrealist Leonora Carrington, John Cage the musician of silence.

Also, Nam Jun Paik, the young director who knows about beauty Marnik Boekaerts, the collective scene by The Nightshop Gallery Chez Madeleine… Should I keep going?”

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Can you give us a little insight into the creative process involved in the music film?

“The whole movie started with a book of little oil paintings I made, those paintings were at the foundation of my whole filmic practices. It’s been my storyboard, and visual mood board that I was using all the time when I was directing and making the movie.

I’m a very visual person so I needed to draw, paint and create all the elements you see in the movie with my hands. I started transforming all kinds of banal objects I could change them into scenographic elements and I would use them if they’d remind me of something cosmic.

Afterwards I had loads of conversations. Moviemaking is a lot of talking and finding the right people to work with after a while I found an amazing team that couldn’t wait to get started! The biggest process was of course editing and talking with Sadu because he’s the mastermind behind the music. He created such an amazing universe that makes the whole movie what it is!”

What do you hope for Ping Pong Supernova to become or mean for its viewers?

“I hope my movie will encourage other young teams to merge minds, collaborate and forget about the illusion of boundaries the art world has set up, because boundaries are there to be moved and erased!

Aside from that, I hope to bring back a more abstract and surreal way of storytelling. I like to watch movies which don’t have to be understood but rather felt, an audiovisual subconscious journey can touch me as much as a classic narrative script. I also hope that the internet stays a hot spot to find and discover talent, the internet should for always stay creative!”

What is your ultimate goal when it comes to your work? What do you want to be remembered for?

“My ultimate goal is definitely to bring more awareness of the amazing capacities we have as humans , we can co-create our lives together with other creators and the universe. We are more magical beings than we think!

Art is there to expand our language and the language forms the foundation of our human understanding and perception on reality. I want to create more art that will raise our awareness and put us into closer contact with our subconscious because the human psyche is still in need of more exploration!”

You can learn more about Vinco and his work on his website.