Emma Stone interrupts the Golden Globes opening monologue to apologise for the whitewashing in ‘Aloha’

Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Andy Samberg and Killing Eve’s Sandra Oh hosted this year’s Golden Globes.

With Sandra Oh being the first Asian person to host the Golden Globes, she had to congratulate the incredible year Crazy Rich Asains had last year and what it did for representation for people of colour, especially of Asian descent.

However Oh managed to slip in a slight dig at Hollywood for its role in whitewashing its characters in blockbuster movies.

One movie which was mentioned was Aloha, a film which starred Emma Stone and faced backlash for its choice in casting Stone to play a character of Asian and Hawaiian descent.

In response to this dig, Emma Stone made an impromptu response which did not go escaped from the sharp listeners watching the awards show.

The Aloha actress later confirmed that she was indeed the one yelling from the crowd.

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