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We can’t decide if this maternity shoot is horrifying, or hilarious

Unless you’re Beyoncé, the chances of “maternity shoot” being on your to-do list before giving birth, are probably pretty slim.

Almost throttling your other half after a long day of building Ikea baby furniture for the nursery? Absolutely.

Attempting to remember everything you’ll need in your hospital bag? Of course.

But creating an alien-inspired photoshoot days before you actually give birth? Yeah, maybe not.

The good news for us, is that one Canadian couple decided it would be a priority for them, and boy did they pull through with the goods.

Todd and Nicole Cameron weren’t into the whole ethereal, capturing-natural-beauty maternity photoshoot experience most couples opt for.

Instead, they wanted to make theirs a little more interesting, and a little more “them”.

Todd told Bored Panda, “We actually first met at Halloween, we always hand-make elaborate costumes and we go all out on Halloween decorations at our house, so this was really just a fun way to celebrate who we are while passing on a few smiles and laughs in the process!”

“We just kept laughing at the absurdity of it and hoping the employees of the farm wouldn’t drive by to see us covered in blood.”

Todd shared the photos on his Facebook, and naturally, the couple became an internet sensation. At time of writing, their maternity shoot has been shared over 320,000 times.

Never change, Todd and Nicole, never change.