Featured Image for This 400-year-old hotel is just eight feet wide with one room only

This 400-year-old hotel is just eight feet wide with one room only

It could well be the smallest hotel in Belgium – if not, the world.

In the city of Antwerp, local architecture firm DMVA has remodeled a 400-year-old, three-story house into a luxurious single-room accommodation called The One Hotel.

Located in the capital’s historical and cultural centre, the structure features a frame that measures just eight feet wide at its narrowest, and a lone bedroom that’s either used by the owners or by guests on vacation.

“I was captured by the scale of the house and the marvelous location at the corner in the historical centre of Antwerp,” DMVA co-founder Tom Verschueren told Fast Company.

One Room Hotel

In renovating the house, the firm decided paint the interiors all-white to give the illusion of more space. They also added a “promenade of stairs” that lead to a lounge and a roof terrace, as well as sections of transparent glass tiles on the floor to give visitors a sense of openness.

The structure is also connected to another house behind it, where architects decided should contain the hotel’s services.

One Room Hotel

“Initially, I had concerns about the feasibility of converting a small historical house into a luxury one room hotel without touching the historical elements,” Verschueren told Dezeen.

“In fact the house was more spacious inside than you would expect from the outside. The later added space behind the corner house created opportunities to preserve the historical 17th-century features as much as possible.”

One Room Hotel

When asked why the owners decided to create a hotel with only one room, Verschueren explained:

“Adventure is becoming a keyword in the global tourism industry,” he said. “The concept of the One Room Hotel is based on this tendency. We believe that the market for these kind of initiatives will grow [in] the coming years.”

One Room Hotel

One Room Hotel

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