Featured Image for Sydney’s stunning new fish market looks nothing like a fish market

Sydney’s stunning new fish market looks nothing like a fish market

Holy mackerel! It is beautiful!

Danish architecture firm 3XN has unveiled the revamped design and new location for the planned Sydney Fish Market.

Set to be located at a 3.6-hectare site on the head of Blackwattle Bay, the structure will serve as a working market and a new community hub.

Its design features an undulating roof that ebbs and flows to mimic the movement of the sea. It will have restaurants, bars, food stalls, and a cooking school, in addition to more traditional amenities like loading docks, a wholesale market, and an auction hall.


The interiors, though made in a traditional market layout, come with modular parts to allow for adaptability as the market’s needs change.


Unlike most fish markets, which are often isolated from public spaces, this structure actually tries to connect the bay to Wentworth Park via a promenade and a series of pathways and amphitheatre staircases.

“The design treats the New Sydney Fish Market as a critical component of the community: a catalyst for a strengthened relationship, both physically and through the identity, it offers to locals and visitors alike,” wrote 3XN.


Other than being a focal point in Sydney Harbour, the site also seeks to promote sustainable architecture with smart water features such as rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling, and bio-filtration systems.

“Environmental and social sustainability are essential and inseparable parts of the design. The roof, landscaped forms, open atmosphere, plantings and materials that characterise the experience of the design are examples of this union,” said Kim Herforth Nielsen, founding partner of 3XN.

“Throughout the course of the new market’s concept and design development, public amenity and environmental sustainability have formed the core of our decision-making processes.”


The development of the new Sydney Fish Market will begin in 2019 and it is expected to open in 2023.



Via Design Boom