Featured Image for This handsome RV inspired by ‘Mad Men’ lets you travel in style

This handsome RV inspired by ‘Mad Men’ lets you travel in style

It’s aptly called ‘Draper’.

Colorado-based tiny house maker ‘LandArk’ is selling an RV inspired by the mid-century aesthetic of the popular TV series, Mad Men.

Named after the show’s main character Don Draper, the 300-square-foot RV features a wooden exterior with an angular form and irregularly-shaped windows.

It also has a panel that unfolds into a deck, perfect for putting out lawn chairs and enjoying the great outdoors.

Draper by LandArk

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by a mud room complete with a wardrobe, utility closet, and a nook with a bench and cubbies.

Further inside, you’ll see interiors made of white-washed pine and fitted with recessed lighting and clerestory windows.

Draper by LandArk

Ascend the custom-made oak ladder and you’ll end up in a cosy sleeping loft.

The rest of the RV contains a walk-in shower, a washer and dryer, a large galley kitchen, a main living area, and even a convertible U-sofa that turns into a queen bed for guests.

Draper by LandArk

The ‘Draper’, which was designed to accommodate four people, is priced at A$196,500.

Draper by LandArk

Draper by LandArk

Draper by LandArk

You can learn more about ‘LandArk’ on their website.

Via Fast Company

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