Featured Image for This bike light projects an image onto the road in front of you, Batman style!

This bike light projects an image onto the road in front of you, Batman style!

The Laserlight Core by Beryl will make you feel like a superhero as you cycle through the streets.

The Kickstarter project does what no other bike light can do. It projects a “bike lane” — a six metre-long image — onto the road in front of you so that drivers know exactly when a cyclist is nearby.

Pioneering product designer Emily Brooke is behind the product. Like most great inventions, she created it out of necessity.

She told Stylist that after finding cycling in the city “scary, dangerous and stressful”, she decided to conduct research into the dangers associated with cycling. The results were shocking.

“Seventy-nine percent of cyclists involved in an accident are travelling straight ahead and another vehicle manoeuvres into them”, she wrote for Hardware Studio earlier this year. 

“The most common situation is the side sweep or blind spot, where a vehicle just in front of a bike turns across its path. The second most common is when a vehicle in front of a cyclist pulls out of a side junction into its path.”

“I suddenly realised that in both of these situations the threat is in front. A cyclist can see a vehicle ahead of them but that driver can’t see the cyclist.”

Emily Brooke put her product design skills to use. After launching the company Blaze, she sought funding for her very first bike light on Kickstarter back in November of 2012.

Since then, Brooke’s bike light designs have been used in the Citibikes of NYC and Santander bikes of London. Now, Brooke has changed the company name from Blaze to Beryl, and she and her team are back on Kickstarter with a brand new bike light: the Laserlight Core.

According to an independent study noted on the product’s Kickstarter, the Laserlight Core has been proven to make cyclists up to 32% more visible on the roads. It also comes with day flash mode so cyclists can use it any hour of the day.

The project has already met its monetary goal, but you can still pledge support here if you want to contribute to seeing the Laserlight Core come to market.

Hey, if you pay US$2,500 and fly to London, the team at Beryl will not only take you on a bike ride around the city, they’ll shout you dinner and a beer! Sounds like a stellar deal to me.

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