FUR’s new music video for ‘Angel Eyes’ will make you nostalgic

It’s not hard to see (and hear) why they’re being compared to The Beatles.

FUR, a UK-based quartet composed of members William Murray, Harry Saunders, William Tavener, and Flynn Whelan, have released the music video for their single Angel Eyes.

The video’s retro aesthetic is reminiscent of productions made in the 1960s, with the band even dressing the part as they enjoy a match of croquet at a local park.

The music video’s visual style was inspired by the group’s own brand of music. Their press release reads:

“Despite being relatively early in their life as a band, FUR crafted their sound early on, writing intelligent songs penned to a particularly nostalgic strain of guitar music. Taking the age-old love song trope and reinvigorating it, theirs are tracks that feel familiar and classic but with a vibrancy that’s entirely new.”

The track is the first to be taken off their upcoming debut EP, set for release next February 14 via Nice Swan Records. It follows last autumn’s hit, If You Know That I’m Lonely, which got over 2.5 million Spotify streams and 3.6 million YouTube views.

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New single ‘Angel Eyes’ out November 23rd ?: @julia.nala

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We recently caught up with FUR to learn more about their music.

Why are your lyrics so seemly disconnected, at least on the surface? Do you write with the exquisite corpse method?

“I just looked up the exquisite corpse method. I’m pretty sure David Bowie used to write lyrics like that according to my friend Nathan. I haven’t used that myself, no, but it sounds interesting. I’m not sure, I spend a lot of time on them so I don’t know why they appear like that, maybe because I am mad or something. I hope not!”

What do you think of the state of the current industry where YouTubers make more money than most indie acts. What can a musician do to live off their craft these days?

“Well, I think if you have the right values while making your music then it shouldn’t bother you too much if there are people making more than you off videos of them feeding ice cream to snakes. I think it’s always been really hard to live off being a musician. I am very lucky.”

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Angel Eyes is getting its first play courtesy of @steve_lamacq on @bbc6music at 5PM TONIGHT ?: @julia.nala

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Do you think the guitar is gone forever from mainstream music?

“Yes. Although I heard Ed Sheeran plays the guitar so what do I know.”

Tell us about the writing and recording process for the Ark EP. It was done with Bullion again: how do you both work together?

“I wrote it in two days here in London. We had five days to record it out in Lisbon and then did one more day in London with Ben Reed on bass and Joe McGrail on keys. Then it was just sorting through the best of those live takes from the musicians.

“Normally I turn up with a song and then we play around with different textures of how to frame it. We work well together I think!”

The video for Albatross is captivating. Where did those dance moves come from?

“Thank you. They come from the soul. You’ve got to move how you feel I feel. I’m not amazing at shaking one hip, but shaking both is how I like to move.”

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FUR tour the UK in February 2019. Grab tickets tomorrow at 10am to avoid disappointment. Dates below ? ?: @julia.nala Tickets available on & 11th Feb – Glasgow Broadcast 12th Feb – Manchester Castle Hotel 14th Feb – London Omeara 15th Feb – Brighton Patterns 16th Feb – Bristol Rough Trade

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You can learn more about FUR’s new single and upcoming 2019 EP here.