Featured Image for Rue Royale’s music video for ‘Thrown by the Wind’ is hauntingly beautiful

Rue Royale’s music video for ‘Thrown by the Wind’ is hauntingly beautiful

Over a decade into their music career, Brookln and Ruth Dekker of Rue Royale are back with a new album entitled In Parallel.

Said to be produced from “a time of beauty and tumult,” the album contains songs that are bold, rhythmic, and haunting – a perfect description of its first single, Thrown By The Wind.

A press release stated that the track was co-produced by Sean Carey of Bon Iver, and showcases “a musical sensibility that explores depth of emotion and personal tribulation, unmarred by overproduction in favour of raw instrumentation and soft vocal harmony.”

Accompanying the single is an equally haunting music video by London-based director Rob Brown and cinematographer Jamie Harding. Filmed in the Snowdonia highlands using Super 16mm Kodak Vision3, the visuals tell the story of a woman who loses her dog while out camping.

We recently caught up with Brown to know more about the Thrown By The Wind music video. Check it out:

How did you get involved in the project?

“I’m a fan of Rue Royale’s music so I was excited when I saw they had posted a brief on Radar for a new music video.”

What was the project brief? And how did you respond to it?

“The key phrase from the brief that inspired my concept was the fact they wanted an atmospheric music video where location was a character. That immediately reminded me of Snowdonia where I had previously ran the marathon as well as taking lots of moody film photography there.

“My concept was to show a woman and her dog in a beautiful and inviting environment which changes after she falls asleep. When she wakes up, the place that was so beautiful and inviting suddenly becomes oppressive and threatening. The central theme I wanted to explore was the duality of nature. The band and label embraced this idea and my pitch was commissioned.”

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A new @rueroyaletheband promo coming soon. Shot in Snowdonia on S16mm courtesy of @kodak_shootfilm

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What was it about Rue Royale’s Thrown By The Wind that led to the creative choices you made for the music video?

“The location and the song seemed to suit each other so perfectly in terms of mood, Snowdonia always felt like it was part of the tracks DNA.

“I also felt that shooting digitally would be wrong for this as there is something about the band and the track that made me think that it needs to be analog. I always conceived the promo as being shot on Super 16mm Kodak Vision3.

“I always envisaged Charlotte Spencer (Glue, The Living and the Dead, Bypass) playing the lead role. She has an offbeat beauty that suits the track and the Snowdonia setting as well as an expressive face that can say so much without words. Ever since I saw her in feature film Bypass and TV drama Glue, Charlotte was high on my list of actors to work with.”

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We are excited to share with you that our new album 'In Parallel' is O U T T O D A Y Thanks to everyone involved in this release. This one has accompanied us through the past few years of evolving life. We are so happy to finally share it with you… Link to purchase is in profile #rrinparallel #sinnbus #teambudde #rueroyale #rueroyaleband #newalbum

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What was it like working with cinematographer Jamie Harding and a Kodak S16mm film?

“I have collaborated with Jamie Harding on each of my music videos as his work has a natural, authentic beauty that dovetails with the style and tone of my own work.

“Previously, we collaborated on a Turin Brakes video for The Quiet Ones and more recently we have moved back to shooting on Super 16mm instead of Alexa where possible.

“With every project we work on, Jamie brings new layers and ideas to my concepts and he is a rising star to watch.”

We just need to know: did she ever find her dog in the end?

“She did find her dog in the director’s cut but the label had other ideas! Personally, I like the ambiguity of the version we released on Vimeo so the label was probably right.”

Rue Royale’s new album In Parallel is out now. Head on over here to learn more about their upcoming tour. To see more of director Rob Brown’s work, you can check out his website.