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What the works of famous abstract artists would look like in 3D

NYC-based photographer Journey Gong is somehow making modern art even more modern.

In his series, Abstract, Gong pays tribute to Abstract Expressionism by reimagining the works and unique styles of renowned painters in 3D.

Some of the artists included in the series are Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky, and Mark Rothko.

Abstract by Journey Gong


Gong was born and raised in a small factory town in China before moving to the US as a young adult.

The cultural shift led him to present his “poetic interpretations of cultural landscapes through photography.”

We recently caught up with him to know more about his series, Abstract.

Abstract by Journey Gong


The last time we spoke it was about your series Blue Hour. Since then, you’ve done projects on varying topics, like social media, time travel, and abstract art. How would you describe your overall work?

“My work is an interpretation of cultural landscapes through photography.”

Abstract by Journey Gong


Where do you get the ideas for all these different projects? And what inspired you to make your series, Abstract?

“My ideas come from different sources. Besides the ever-changing real world where picture-perfect moments appear frequently, I often find inspirations at museums, movies, also in theatres, literature and music. Whenever I discover something fascinating, I always wonder if I can translate it into the language of photography.

I disliked abstract art when I was young but have grown very fond of it as I’ve gotten older. It has been a few years since I wanted to create a photography series related to abstract art, but I was only able to do so when the idea of three-dimensional compositions came to mind.”

Abstract by Journey Gong


Could you take us through the creative process involved in the making-of Abstract?

“I began to photograph the background cloud images six months ago, while looking for the artwork that was suitable for the series. Once I had enough material, I deconstructed each artwork by colours, shapes, and textures, then transformed all entities into 3D objects.

“Later, with the background cloud images in mind, I repositioned the 3D objects as if they were moving toward their initial locations in the original artwork. The last step was to blend the 3D composition into the background, and establish the interaction between the two.”

Abstract by Journey Gong


Do you have plans of turning other art genres into three-dimensional compositions? If you plan on doing so, which genre do you have in mind?

“Yes! A series about pop art is already in progress.”

Abstract by Journey Gong


What are you working on next?

“Aside from the 3D pop art project, I am also working on an idea of how New York City might look 50 years from now.”

Abstract by Journey Gong


Abstract by Journey Gong


Abstract by Journey Gong


You can learn more about Journey Gong and his work on his website.