Witness the incredible moment a paraplegic graduate takes his first steps to receive his diploma

Aldo Amenta suffered from a spinal injury which caused him to lose the ability to walk but that didn’t stop him on the day of his graduation at Florida International University.

The Florida student broke his neck in 2015 when he dived into the shallow end of a swimming pool, and ever since then, he has been confined to a wheelchair.

The accident caused him to lose a lot of his independence, relying on other people to help him with daily activities, even considering dropping out of university at one point.

However, he pushed on and managed to graduate with a diploma of electrical engineering.

This perseverance pushed him to try and achieve something that seemed impossible, walk across the room to receive his diploma.

With the help of an exoskeleton and many hours of practice, Aldo Amenta managed to surprise the audience when he took his first few steps on the stage.

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