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US soldiers drank almost all of Iceland’s beer in a few days

If there’s one thing that America wants more of, it’s oil, err I mean, beer!

This past month in Reykjavik, Iceland, more than 6,000 US military personnel nearly drank the capital city’s beer supply dry.

The troops were in town on their way to Sweden and Finland for the Trident Juncture 18, the biggest NATO military exercise since the Cold War.

Between Wednesday and Sunday, the servicemen and women stormed the local bars and restaurants, drinking up all the alcohol they could.

With the entire country of Iceland only having about 340,000 inhabitants and Reykjavik holding about half of that number, it’s easy to see how how an ‘invading force’ of several thousand could drain their beer supply.

In fact, the bar owners were so overwhelmed by the Americans that they had to call in reinforcements – i.e. they had to borrow barrels of beer from better-stocked establishments.

“We had to get extra beer and strong wine,” Ingvar Svendsen, a bar owner, told VICE. “They were nice and had a lot of fun.”

The troops were said to have particularly enjoyed a local lager called Gull, as well as Trash Cans, a cocktail made using vodka, gin, rum, blue curaçao and tequila, topped with an upturned can of Red Bull.

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