Lisa Wilkinson left speechless after being mercilessly roasted for Karl Stefanovic’s wedding snub

Karl Stefanovic got married to shoe designer, Jasmine Yarbrough, recently and although Lisa Wilkinson worked with Stefanovic for several years before leaving the show last year, she did not get invited to his wedding.

This didn’t bother her much, but it also didn’t stop The Project‘s panellist, Peter Helliar from mocking her about it.

Helliar was interviewing a woman working in Antartica who happened to have the exact same name as Lisa Wilkinson.

He took the opportunity to question the woman whether her name has caused any confusion, especially in regards to the recent snubbing of Karl Stefanovic’s wedding.

Clearly not expecting this, the ex-Today host reeled in horror at the embarrassment she was going to face.

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