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These creepy ‘human skin’ heels can be yours for $10,000

You know you want it, ladies.

Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran of Montreal-based art studio Fecal Matter are selling a pair of high heels that put the ‘foot’ in ‘footwear’.

Made in collaboration with artist Sarah Sitkin, the ‘human skin’ shoes are made out of silicone, and were moulded to resemble Dalton’s leg.

The pair of heels mimics the tiniest of details of her foot, including uneven skin tone, moles, the arch of the foot, and even little hairs.

The surrealist duo, who are known for their bizarre concepts, published digitally-altered images of the heels last year in Vogue.

After the photos went viral, they decided to make an actual pair.

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Stay strong Brazil, don't lose hope

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If you want to own similar heels you’ll have to get them custom fitted and be willing to shell out a cool A$14,000.

“The shoe is like when you are going to Chanel to get a wedding dress. You get the fittings and the customisations.

For even me to get the shoe, I have to stand and each of my legs have to be perfectly moulded,” said Dalton, while Bhaskaran added, “It is like creating a custom art piece that is wearable.”

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Yes, they're walkable

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The duo believes that the footwear design is what humans will look like in the future as a result of body modification and social media ideals.

You can learn more about Fecal Matter here.

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