Featured Image for Jewellery designer responsible for the new Doctor Who’s ear cuff, designs entire collection

Jewellery designer responsible for the new Doctor Who’s ear cuff, designs entire collection

A female Doctor has been a long time coming, and fans have been extremely pleased with Jodie Whittaker’s performance as the 14th Doctor Who.

The highly-anticipated debut was praised by fans and critics alike. In an unexpected turn, the triumph of representation actually changed the viewing demographic — more girls than boys under the age of 16 watched the episode.

Jewellery designer Alex Monroe was one of the many people who helped bring Whittaker’s time-travelling hero to life. She worked alongside BBC Studios to design and create the intricate ear cuff you see the Doctor wearing.

The stunning piece was handmade in his own London Bridge workshop, and Monroe didn’t just want it to look pretty — he wanted it to tell a story. The cuff represents the Doctor’s journey from space (the stars) to Earth (the silver hand for the Doctor, the gold for the Earth).

Speaking to Retail-Jeweller, Monroe said:

“I love Doctor Who and watched it religiously when I was a kid – and now my kids absolutely love it too. I have three girls, each one brought up with a different Doctor. To create this meaningful piece featuring the first female Doctor is incredibly exciting and a dream come true.”

This is isn’t the first time Monroe has designed jewellery for Whittaker. He was responsible for the Plume Loop earrings and Plume Flare necklace she wore in her first television interview discussing the role.

To celebrate the release of the new series, Monroe designed an entire Doctor-Who-inspired capsule collection. See the stunning pieces below:

Ear Cuff Doctor Who

Doctor Who Galaxy Single Ear Cuff £135.00

Doctor Who studs

Doctor Who Companion Single Stud Earring £75.00

Doctor Who Necklace

Doctor Who Galaxy In-Line Necklace £150.00

You can purchase the beautiful collection here.

[Feature and body images courtesy of Alex Monroe]