Featured Image for Aussie whizkid Taka Perry releases his sensational EP ‘Reverse Theory’

Aussie whizkid Taka Perry releases his sensational EP ‘Reverse Theory’

Taka Perry is the goddamn future.

The 20-year-old producer and multi-instrumentalist has a new EP that will take you on a transcendent musical journey.

Entitled Reverse Theory, the EP is a dreamy four-part series that includes the cracking singles Clouds, and Riverside.

Now we can’t wait to see what comes next from the wunderkind!

His management describes his unique style: “Equal parts organic and electronic, his production has the foundations to get you moving, but the creativity to stop you in your tracks, transport you somewhere entirely unexpected, and then throw you right back where you began. All without a moments notice.”

Perry’s production career has taken him across multiple territories, and led him to collaborate with the likes of Thomston, Ruel, KLP, Dean Lewis, Lanks, Mallrat, Woodes, SACHI, J Hart (Usher, Justin Bieber), and Max Frost.

We recently caught up with Perry to learn more about his upcoming EP.

Tell us about the process behind creating this EP: did you cull a bunch of songs to get to these four, or structure it all with these four in mind? Did you use other musicians on there or is it all you?

“I made about 10 full songs and maybe another 20 smaller ideas before I narrowed it down to the final four. Then I worked out how to make the final tracks feel cohesive and work together in the bigger picture. Inspiration can hit me at any time of the day, so I always had my laptop on me so I could put together an idea whenever I had an idea for it.

I played everything on the EP myself. Guitar and piano are my main two instruments and I love incorporating both of them into my work as much as possible.”

You used Andrei Eremin to mix it. Why him and why did you decide to use someone other than yourself to mix it all?

“I love Andrei’s mix work, and stylistically felt he’d be a great fit for the vision I had.

Having worked with a lot of artists and producers, I know how important collaboration is to making great art. Because my creative process for Reverse Theory was so introspective, I wanted to bring another person in to hear things from their own point of view.”

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My first release ‘Clouds’ is out now! Link in bio, swipe left for a sneak peak.??

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Where did the idea for Reverse Theory come from? Are there going to be videos to accompany the songs?

“I always wanted to create an EP that felt like a journey from start to end, rather than a bunch of separate tracks. There is a story behind Reverse Theory, but hopefully everyone that hears it will be able to create their own story around it.

This EP is just about the music so there won’t be any accompanying videos, but it’s definitely in the plans for future releases.”

What next for you?

“More music and live shows in the future! I’m also working on a number of releases for other artists. There’s a bunch more cool things in the works but I’m going to keep my mouth closed about it for now.”

You can get more updates about Taka Perry’s new EP on his official website.