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This mural in France comes to life, and it’s honestly so amazing

Dutch pop-surrealist Leon Keer has created a mural that’s not only lively – it actually comes to life.

Made in collaboration with fellow creative Joost Spec, the massive artwork is on display at the Vibrations Urbaines Festival in Pessac, France. It features a room that offers a three dimensional perspective for attendees who stand on a specific viewpoint.

But that’s not all.

The mural gets even more animated when spectators use the new ‘Leon Keer’ app. Using augmented reality (AR) technology, the app allows certain items to move, such as the TV turning on or the ceiling fan starting to spin.

It’s a brilliant way to merge art and technology, and one that will definitely blow people’s minds.

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Augmented Reality by @3dpicnic brings the mural to life @vu_pessac ?? #AR #mural #fresque #trompeloeil #augmentedreality

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We recently had a quick chat with Keer to learn more about his art and the use of AR.

Where did you get the idea to include AR technology in your art?

“I started experimenting with AR six years ago after reading some magazines about this technology. My work is very interactive, it is very inviting to get your selfie as you can be part of an optical illusion. Including AR content gives a kind of triangle effect, the anamorphic artwork will come to life because the entire painting, or parts of it, starts to move and as a spectator you can interact with, not only the painting, but with the AR feature as well.”

How difficult was it to incorporate a new medium such as AR into your work?

“I was lucky enough to find this synergy with my colleague Joost Spek. He was already exploring this technology way before me and he introduced me to all the possibilities within this technology. We have been working closely together on several projects.

Art and technology only work if there are people around you who are able to see your artist mind and can translate this into something workable. Pushing some limits, but the AR technology is still evolving so there are some restraints to take into account.”

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Once upon a time… 3D mural in Pessac France @vu_pessac. Swipe to see the different angles. Great assist by Massina @marijespelbos. Stay tuned for next posts which includes some really special Augmented Reality from @3dpicnic for this wall. Thanks to all the people from Vibrations Urbaines who gave us the comfort and support to work on this piece. #streetart #urbanart #3dstreetart #anamorphose #vintage #retro #streetartfrance #fresque #mural #pessac

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How long did it take you to finish the project?

“The project we did in Pessac, France took us a month of preparation. The greater part of the AR content has to be made before the start of the painting as you want to see how the 3D animated AR will react on your art as soon as the mural is ready.

For this project, every object in the room was created in 3D, so you are able to see the AR at work from every other angle. While moving around, scanning the wall, you are even able to see what’s on the other side of the room. The mural painting itself took us 10 days to complete.”

You’ve also launched your own app, could you tell us more about it?

“In the stores you can find some AR apps. You can add your 3D animation in such apps but then you have many steps to take to get to the channel within that app to be able to scan the wall and see the AR feature appear.

With the ‘Leon Keer’ app you will get easier access to the AR content. The only thing you have to do is download the app and scan the wall in front of you. Or, if you are not on location, scan an image of this mural.”

Should we expect to see more augmented reality in your upcoming works?

“I am always looking for new ideas to sparkle my own imagination and that of others. Sure the AR technology strengthens the 3D effect of my art. I was happy to find the people of Pessac welcomed this idea so we were able to create this special project. Hopefully, we will get much more of these opportunities.”

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Anamorphic Art meets Augmented Reality @vu_pessac ?? with the new ??app Leon Keer??you can scan the wall and the painting will come to life with a 3D animation by @3dpicnic. Mural made by #leonkeer and #massina @marijespelbos #augmentedreality #streetart #art #AR #augmentedreality #opticalillusion #3dstreetart #fresque #anamorphic #newapp #streetarteurope

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You can learn more about Leon Keer’s anamorphic art here.