Featured Image for These violent fruit fireworks make Fruit Ninja look like child’s play

These violent fruit fireworks make Fruit Ninja look like child’s play

High-speed cameras, air compressor cannons and different kinds of fruit actually make a rather spectacular combination.

A new video by the guys at The Super Slow Show — a popular Youtube series — shows the deadly results of fruit-based collisions. Have you ever wondered what’s stronger between a red apple and a green apple? How about two oranges?

I can’t say that I have either, but Gav and Dan, the shows hosts, apparently have.

Using highly technical “air compressor things”, they decided to make a variety of fruit collide at 90psi and see what happened. The results were deliciously messy and rather addictive to watch.

The video, shot at 1000 FPS then again at 1800 FPS, is a slow-motion celebration of the destructive power of nature’s sweet produce. The various fruit collide together at roughly 160 km/h and proceed to shower the set in chunks of apple, orange,  and watermelon. Mmmm, fruit salad.

“It’s like a fine apple mist. I imagine it would be quite refreshing to be sort of underneath that and sprayed with,” says Daniel in the video.

According to the two British mates, who do this kind of blasting, smashing and filming all the time, collisions like this often produce oddly symmetrical results.

“There’s a frame there where it looks like the apple is just being peeled perfectly.”

It really is like Fruit Ninja, only way more satisfying. I could imagine fruit-smashing really picking up as an anger-management technique. Imagine that.

You get home after a tough day at work, and instead of taking your aggression out on your kids, you head outside and smash a couple of pumpkins.

For those that are into the beauty of slow-motion more than the destruction of fruit, The Slow Mo Guys Youtube channel is full of things moving very, very slowly.

[Feature and body image courtesy of The Slow Mo Guys]