Featured Image for In Portugal, a mural that was made using cross-stitch

In Portugal, a mural that was made using cross-stitch

The kind of street art your granny would love.

Portuguese artist and graphic embroiderer Ana Martins, also known as Aheneah, has created a mural in the town of Vila Franca using not spray paint, but rather, yarn.

The piece is comprised of over 2,300 screws and nearly 760 yards of yarn. It depicts a young girl seemingly floating in mid-air, representing the carefree feeling of youthful freedom.



“Every day, for many years, thousands of kids pass by this wall while going from home to school and from school to home,” Martins told Colossal about the mural, which is located along a popular route to a nearby school.

“Most of the time just floating in their thoughts, lost in space, time and routine. Until their paths have to change directions. This happened to me a few years ago.”



You can head on over here to see more of the 22-year-old creative’s work

Via Colossal

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