Featured Image for Of course Japan had a fire-breathing Godzilla Christmas tree

Of course Japan had a fire-breathing Godzilla Christmas tree

How do you improve on the perfection of Japanese monster movies and Christmas? You combine the two.

At least that’s the motto of Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall in Tokyo, which erected an enormous Godzilla-shaped Christmas tree.

What to Godzilla and Christmas trees have in common, you ask? Well, both have wider bottoms that narrow towards the top, both are shades of green, and both have the ability to emit beams of light.

Anyway, don’t question greatness. The Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall’s display made a huge impression on shoppers when it went on display back in 2000.

Yep, it happened almost 20 years ago, in the year that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out, Britney Spears was still hot, and you spent your afternoons watching MTV Cribs.

Did the world peak in 2000 with the Godzilla-themed Christmas tree? Of course it did.

I mean, nothing could be more perfect than blending religious holidays with movie monsters; Christmas cheer with outright horror; reptilian scales with leafy greens.

For all our technological advances since 2000, our Christmas tree game is severely lacking. Frankly, I’m disappointed with the tried-and-true tree, baubles and tinsel. Who’s for a Freddy Kreuger-themed Christmas tree this year? It’ll add new meaning to a nightmare before Christmas.

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