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This house is so bright, you’ll never lose your way in the forest

“It’s that red house up the street, you can’t miss it!”

In the middle of a vast, labyrinthine 500-hectare forest in southern Portugal stands a dwelling-cum-beacon called House 3000.

The 4,356-square-foot home features an almost childlike illustration of a house, complete with a gabled roof, geometric outlines, and a bright red façade.

Juxtaposed against its uniform environment devoid of natural landmarks, the home serves as a visual marker for those who find themselves lost in the area.

Luis Rebelo de Andrade

Amusingly, it was after getting disoriented during a preliminary visit that Lisbon-based architect Luis Rebelo de Andrade thought of the concept. He even described the place as, “easier to lose your car in than a supermarket carpark.”

He added: “In the absence of geodesic markers… it is architecture that takes the place of the reference points that from time immemorial has guided man, complementing the landscape with a building that is overwhelmingly visible.”

Luis Rebelo de Andrade

In contrast to its eye-catching exterior, the structure’s interiors are subtle with minimalist décor, muted tones, and splashes of colour for accents. It also comes installed with solar panels and thermal collectors to make it more sustainable.

You can see more of Luis Rebelo de Andrade’s work here.

Luis Rebelo de Andrade

Luis Rebelo de Andrade

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