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A US band faked an entire fanbase to book a UK tour…with disastrous results

We’ve all stretched the truth on our resumes or talked ourselves up in interviews, because after all, you can’t let the truth get in the way of a good story, right?

Or in the case of U.S band Threatin – you can’t let the truth get in the way of a European music tour.

Threatin’s fame has grown overnight after being caught out in a colossal web of lies. The band’s frontman, Jered Threatin, managed to convince several well-known UK venues to book his band, after inventing an entire fanbase and posing as his own booking agent.

Threatin’s deceit knew no bounds. Mr Threatin supplied fake footage of packed shows in Los Angeles, proof of a huge following on Facebook (all ‘likes’ were bought by Threatin himself) and lied about pre-selling over 100 tickets for each show.

If that wasn’t enough, Threatin even pre-paid for several venue bookings to ensure that the gigs would go on despite the non-existent audience.

Venues such as The Underworld in London, Trillians in Newcastle, and Exchange in Bristol, started admonishing the band online once they realised they’d been swindled. The Underworld posted directly on Threatin’s Facebook page:

“What happened to the 291 advanced ticket sales your agent said you’d sold? THREE PEOPLE turned up.”

Exchange in Bristol publicly blasted the band in a lengthy post to their Facebook after having only a few people show up. After doing some detective work, they discovered that the 180 pre-sold tickets were fabricated, and 100 of those ‘attending’ on Facebook lived in Brazil.

We recently ran a Community ownership campaign where we discussed many threats that music venues face. This week we have…

Posted by Exchange on Friday, 9 November 2018

Threatin’s Sunday night gig in Belfast was cancelled last minute after the truth about their fanbase was revealed. Hilariously, the venue manager took to Twitter to assure the two real people that had bought tickets that they would be able to receive full refunds.

As funny as it sounds, not everyone has been entertained by the scam. Adam Gostick, Unresloved’s drummer, was one of the support acts supposed to play at the Threatin gig in Birmingham. He told Discovered Magazine:

“It really annoys me that someone is able to do this. As a band trying to get around and play gigs it’s difficult if promoters feel you have no pull. But then Threatin tours the UK and plays, and has no real following.”

“It annoys me from a promoter point of view too, as I work with a small promotion company, so I know how hard it hits having night’s where nobody comes.”

You have to marvel at Threatin’s deception. Even his record label, “Superlative Music Recordings” was a hoax — only existing as a fake logo on band merchandise.

Did he really believe he could get away with it? What did he think would happen when no-one showed up at the gigs?

Was he hoping that once people figured it all out, they would be too distracted by the brilliance of his musical talent and completely forget the part where he lied to hundreds of people? The mind boggles.

Oh, and to cap it all off his live drummer and guitarist quit the tour shortly after the hoax was revealed.

Now here’s the music video for the Threatin classic “Lying is Dying”…sorry, no “Living is Dying”. Sorry.

[Lead Image Credit: The one and only Threatin]

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