Jess Cruickshank turns the letter ‘T’ into a work of art

Fonts, scripts and types aren’t things that people often think about, beyond jokes and memes featuring comic sans. Jess Cruickshank’s infectious passion as a letterer might change that mindset.

Originally from Brisbane, Jess Cruickshank is an illustrator and letterer who moved to Sydney after feeling that it would provide her with more opportunities and a broader community of artists she could be a part of.

She has a particular love for, in her own words, “fancy old stuff”, where detail and craft were of the utmost importance. And a special appreciation for ornate medieval manuscripts and Victorian-era book covers, where every character was a work of art.

This Christmas season, Cruickshank has put her talent to noble use by participating in the Christmas Calligraphy Drive, where proceeds go towards the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. The drive allows people to purchase personalised gift tags.

Jess Cruickshank visited Lost at E Minor and created her favourite letter – a drop cap ‘T’, in blackletter. In other words, a decorative letter ‘T’ in a gothic style script. She turns an inconspicuous letter into a work of art and gave us at Lost at E Minor a new appreciation for lettering.

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