Featured Image for Jack White just helped save ‘The Outsiders’ house with a cool $30K

Jack White just helped save ‘The Outsiders’ house with a cool $30K

A GoFundMe campaign that began in 2016 with the aim of restoring the house from Francis Ford Coppola’s The Outsiders, has finally reached its $75,000 goal thanks to a very famous fan: Jack White. 

The house was purchased by hip hop artist Danny Boy O’Connor and some of his friends after the rapper made a pilgrimage to visit the landmark way back in 2009.

Once sold, O’Connor decided to restore the rundown house to its former glory. To do so, he came up with the plan to turn it into a museum and pilgrimage site for avid fans of the 1983 cult-hit.

Facing a sizeable and costly renovation, he turned to good ol’ crowdfunding to raise the funds.

But even celebrity status doesn’t mean crowdfunding will go smoothly. In fact, after almost two years, only around US$45,000 had been raised. Then a miracle happened.

Lead singer of The White Stripes, Jack White, donated a cool US$30,000 to the campaign. Baller move, right?

With the full US$75,000 finally raised, Danny Boy and his team are now working on restoring the house to its glory days.

Construction is also planned to create visitor parking outside the house, as well as another building next door. Bus tours of the neighbourhood are also planned for when The Outsiders House Museum opens.

In the vicinity? You can see the house under construction at 731 N. St. Louis Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

For those that can’t make the trek, The Outsiders House Museum has a website where you can purchase all kinds of merchandise in support of the restoration.

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