Featured Image for This musician created an AI composer to write songs with him and the result is…weird…

This musician created an AI composer to write songs with him and the result is…weird…

The results of this collaboration between a human and a musical artificial intelligence called Yona are just as weird as you’d expect.

There’s no denying Ash Koosha is right at the forefront of digital music innovation. The Iranian composer has already performed live for his fans in virtual reality (VR) and embraced spacial computing.

He also harnessed VR to convey his experience of synesthesia to the world. It’s safe to say that technology is not foreign to Koosha’s creative process.

His most recent venture — an album created in collaboration with his self-designed A.I., Yona — pushes the boundaries further than any of his previous endeavours.

In a conversation with Dazed Media, Koosha referred to Yona as an “auxiliary human”. With the release of his fourth album, Return O, featuring music written by Yona’s software, it appears that his A.I. buddy has become integral to his musical process.

“Yona’s engine is comprised of a series of generative software that generates sentences, melodies (Midi information), and singing via a complex text-to-speech process,” Koosha said.

While Yona, a kind of musical Siri, was the creative genius behind the operation, Koosha was in charge of turning Yona’s generated lyrics into the album’s final vocals.

In contrast to Yona’s appearance in the song “Yona 1.1” on Koosha’s previous album, this method has produced a result that is rather pleasing to the human ear.

Critical response to the unusual album has been mixed, though all seem to agree that there is something hugely admirable in Koosha’s strange, futuristic process.

Who knows, it could be just a matter of time before a robotic artist is at the top of the charts. Cardi B, watch out.

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