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Two cats spend years trying (and failing) to get into a museum in Japan

No luck for these cat burglars.

For the last two years, security guards at the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art have been constantly facing off against some pretty insistent ‘trespassers’: two art-loving felines.

According to Sora News 24, it started in June 2016 when a black cat tried to enter the museum premises. It, of course, was turned away by the guard – presumably because it had no ticket.

A year later, it tried again, but was turned away again by security.

This year, the kitty came back with another furry art connoisseur. Here, take a look at the attempt.

Now here’s the security guard refusing the cat entry. He gives the animal a rub on the head as consolation though.

Their shenanigans have become so popular at the museum that the staff have already given them names. The ginger one is called Gosaku, or Go-chan, while the black one is named Ken, or Ken-chan.

They also have their own merch, like this tote bag available at the museum’s gift shop.

Fingers (or paws?) crossed that one day these two cats will finally be allowed to go on a tour of the museum! Don’t forget, purr-sistence pays off!

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