Featured Image for Australia’s new folk sensation Lawson Hull on the beauty of simplicity

Australia’s new folk sensation Lawson Hull on the beauty of simplicity

It follows on the success of singles like Who’s Already Here Belongs, Sunday, and Nines Deadline.

In late August, dream-pop/post-rock artist Lawson Hull from Newcastle released his latest hit entitled People Don’t Change (check it out over here).

Inspired by the work of artists such as Angus & Julia Stone, DMA’s, and Middle Kids, the single has been described as “a folk/dream-pop sonic canvas” with “shimmering pop simplicity.”

When asked by LWA what the tune is about, Hull explained:

“It’s an ironic stab at myself for always making big plans in the new year to make changes. I’ve realised a couple of the songs I’ve written lately are closely based around this theme of me always wanting to change. I guess People Don’t Change happened to be the obvious sonic vessel.

“I just wanted to write the simplest song possible and that’s what came out. I felt like merging back on the scene with a semi-happy song that didn’t make me look so grumpy. But hey, I had to put some real talk in the track too.”

We also had a quick chat with Hull recently to know more about his music. Check it out:

Where do your acoustic guitar playing chops come from?

“I wouldn’t say my guitar skills are technically special or anything fancy, but I’m fully aware of the dynamic of my right hand. I don’t like to overplay anything, keep chord progressions simple, but use set variations of those chords.

“Inspiration-wise, I guess I learnt to play from my dad, and played whatever he was playing – Dylan, Young, Tom Petty. In early high school, I was all about John Mayer. He made me love the minor accomplishments of learning the various stages of playing.”

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Did a thing with @lifewithoutandy this week. Check the article they wrote in my bio ➡️ The photos they used in the article were taken by my pals @jacobpearson and @emilymichelletreacy. They are amazing and have a project called @meadowlarkstudio. Check them out too.

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Who produced People Don’t Change and where was it recorded and mixed?

“Good guy Billy Otto produced the latest single. He’s also been working on my newer stuff too. He’s great at getting tracking into a flow I’m comfortable with. I come to him with my angsty bedroom ballads and he helps turn them into more palatable indie bangers.

“We recorded mostly at his home studio in Sydney, some parts at mine closer to Newcastle. We lured Tigertown’s Chris Collins to mix the track. He’s worked on some great records and he added a vibrance to my track.”

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Come down to @thedamhotel this Sunday arvo for hangs! I’ll be playing from 1:00-1:45. See ya there. @fairplayentertainment

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What sort of music – and acts – inspired you early discoveries around songwriting and the craft of creating a memorable hook?

“My upbringing definitely gave me some good music to choose from. The more variety I tried, the better I got at sifting through the shitty genres.

“Like I mentioned, early on was all about 70’s and 80’s artists. I love America, Tom Petty, Aussie Crawl, ICEHOUSE. I’ll admit I gave unjust attention to the 90s and 2000s, but you can’t go by bands like Coldplay with Parachutes, or U2’s later material. I’ve since had time to go back and get the good stuff.

“These days, with music so accessible, I learn a lot about songwriting from random little Aussie bands you stumble across on Spotify. I’m enjoying where I’m headed with my own sounds. It’s all about honing the sound, the tone and taste. Keeping the essentials simple and allow for production to make things unique or interesting.

“To name a couple Aussie’s, Angus and Julia have been huge to me for so many years now, as well as Dustin Tebbutt, he’s got such tact. Other bands like Middle Kids and Hatchie purely make me feel good.”

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Well, today I released a song called ‘people don’t change’. It’s on @spotify and @applemusic.. and everywhere really. It’s an ironic stab at myself. New Years are so nostalgic and sentimental to people but they don’t know why, except that there’ll be some glimmer of hope that the new year will change them. I’m no philosopher, I just thought it was funny – watching myself try to be someone else every year. Probably should have released this at the start of 2018, or 10 years ago… I’m stoked to be back after a couple years with a track I’m proud of. It’s simple and traditional, nothin fancy, your average banger. Thanks uncle @billyotto for helping me loosen up creatively and get these songs out of my anxty head. Thanks @parlorcreators for the behind the scenes help, getting this project out there and making it feel right. I’m a noob and appreciate the guidance. Thank you Daniel for laying the beats, @christopherglen for making the song enjoyable to listen to, @spinlightstudio for being legends as usual. To everyone who listens and supports, thanks! New music is already on its way ✌️ . . . #newmusic #newmusicalert #triplejunearthed #newmusicfriday #triplej #spotify #applemusic

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Head on over to Lawson Hull’s website to get regular updates on new singles and shows.

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