Featured Image for New Yorker creates the funkiest staircase ever, and it’s for a good cause

New Yorker creates the funkiest staircase ever, and it’s for a good cause

Sasha Bikoff is not afraid of uniqueness. Or eccentric design. Or going over-the-top with colour.

That we can see from her latest installment at this year’s Kips Bay Decorator Show House.

For 45 years, interior designers all over have been commissioned to transform an elegant seven-level home on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, into an exciting space showcasing art, furnishings, and technology, with the end goal being to raise money for the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club.

Earlier this year, Sasha was asked to redesign the staircase of the home.

2018 © Nickolas Sargent Photography

She explained her inspiration to Forbes: “I wanted it to be both aesthetically pleasing to the guests and meaningful to the kids of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club — the young group of people we are all doing this for.

“Before I even started making fabric selections and pulling paint swatches, I knew I wanted my space to speak to the kids and show them that their creativity should always be ignited when it comes to achieving their dreams.”

2018 © Nickolas Sargent Photography

Sasha’s idea was for Show House visitors to see a “technicolor dream” and so used a mix of zany squiggles, prints, and colours for each level, taking note from the iconic Memphis design that originated in Italy in the 1980s.

Is it too much? Yes. Do we love it? Absolutely.

2018 © Nickolas Sargent Photography

The Show House receives as many as 15,000 visitors each year and has so far raised more than $21 million (AUS$29 million) for the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. You can read more about the Show House here and follow the organization on Instagram to see more designs throughout the years.

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