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Chuck E. Cheese robot resurrected as a tone deaf YouTube star in this hilarious video series

If you’re planning on staying home this weekend, allow me to introduce you to hours of laugh-out-loud entertainment.

Tampa resident Jared Sanchez has created a YouTube show involving a long-forgotten animatronic doll named The King, a former performer at Chuck E. Cheese’s theatre.

Originally thought to have been discarded after the pizza joint rebranded in the mid-1990s, The King was found by Mr. Sanchez on eBay in 2006 for a whopping AU$35,000.

The reason The King was priced so high is that this furry guy weighs 317 kg and is one of only seven items like it in the world.

After years of back-and-forth between Jared and the eBay seller, Jared was able to score his first King for a smidge less than the asking price — AU$14,000.

“I am not rich, I used my 3rd paycheck, my annual bonus and all of my tax return to purchase The King”, Sanchez explains on his Patreon page.

“I received The King in March of 2016, broken and in disrepair. My love for this animatronic made me continue to pour my own money (an additional 5k) to get him back to working condition. I also had to find the answers myself in pneumatics and restoring him because there was no info available.”

“In July 2016 I was able to get him working again, but I wanted more. I wanted to make him custom programmable and share him with the world. Many people my age remember him and it makes me really happy that the younger audience is appreciating him. I have gone on to produce new parody songs, videos and even parody movie posters for The King for all to enjoy”.

Since his first purchase, Jared Sanchez believes he has spent over AU$ 28,000 in new outfits, parts and productions for The King. Wow. This also includes an electricity bill that can top almost $AUD561 each month!

But Jared hopes to become a full-time Youtuber in the future, so he’s slowly building a subscriber base to make his animatronic dreams reality.


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