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Yay! MUJI just designed micro apartments to share with co-workers

Do you love your co-workers enough to live with them? I can safely say that I don’t (sorry Lost at E Minor editors).

For some reason unknown to me, MUJI and Japanese architect Go Hasegawa have come up with a way you can be around your co-workers 24/7. And guess what the funniest thing is — it’s not supposed to be a punishment!

This micro-apartment prototype comes out of a problem that employees at Muji’s Shanghai office face. Staff commonly travel for up to three hours to get to work. That makes it a six hour round trip, which I shudder at the thought of.

MUJI and Go Hasegawa designed special co-working spaces to combat stress and exhaustion in the workforce, as well as create more space in overcrowded cities. The project was undertaken for the annual House Vision exhibition — a showing of unique home-related innovations — and aims to provide lofts for employees to sleep in, hung directly above their work stations.

The lower-level is used as a communal workspace, complete with a kitchen and lounge area. There’s plenty of storage too — including book nooks, wardrobes and cabinets. While above, there’s an area with beds to give employees some much-needed rest.

I can imagine it now: finishing off an article and then heading upstairs to tuck myself in for a nice nap. The dream!

The idea is an innovative one. With so many people commuting and working long hours these days, it only makes sense to design a resting nook for employees (a la George Costanza).

But I must say, the idea of working and then sleeping near the same co-workers day in and day out fills me with all sorts of anxiety.

I’ll take the commute for now.

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