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Superfan recreates Metal Gear Solid in LEGO Worlds

How do you improve on one of the most important video games of all time? By giving it the LEGO treatment of course.

That’s exactly what Youtuber Craig Kelly did. Using the nearly boundless customisation options in LEGO Worlds, Kelly recreated Shadow Moses Island from the original Metal Gear Solid.

In the video, Kelly gives a virtual tour of the different parts of the recreated island. From entering through the underwater cave to sneaking through underground catacombs and ducking beneath security cameras, the attention-to-detail is stunning.

Kelly even included Liquid’s crashed Hind D helicopter and Raven’s destroyed M1 Abrams tank in what he calls ‘Lego Gear Worlds’.

What makes the architectural feat even more impressive, is that he did it all from memory. I’m gobsmacked by this fact, considering that I can’t even remember what the heck I had for breakfast this morning.

Kelly says that the entire project took him between 30-50 hours to complete. That’s a pretty impressive number, seeing that it took me about 30-hours to figure out how to plant wheat in Minecraft.

Unfortunately, the LEGO version is currently missing Metal Gear REX, the titular giant Mech that was the original game’s final boss. I can only assume that building REX is only slightly harder than beating him — that final level was so hard.

With this LEGO interpretation, the game has come full circle. The development team on the “real” Metal Gear Solid game planned their level designs with LEGO first, to ensure that the stages would be fluid once put into the game.

Kelly’s design is the latest in a long line of fantastic creations within LEGO Worlds. Some other notable fan tributes include: Dark Souls, Pokémon, Harry Potter and even a fan-made Red Dead Redemption trailer.

I guess LEGO Worlds gives you all the fun of LEGO, without the risk of the agonising pain that comes with treading on one of those dangerous little bricks.

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