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Salvador Dali, Francisco Goya art ruined by people taking a selfie

It’s surreal how taking a photo is not only killing people, but also destroying priceless art.

Last October 27 in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, a group of women damaged works of art by Salvador Dali and Francisco Goya after trying to take a selfie.

The incident happened at an exhibition at the International Arts Center Main Avenue. CCTV footage shows three people looking at some artworks when a stand carrying the two prints falls over, nearly crushing one of the visitors. A person, frozen in shock, can then be seen standing behind the fallen structure.

Goya’s etching from the Los Caprichos series was, thankfully, relatively undamaged. Dali’s rework of the piece, however, was not quite as lucky.

“Goya’s work had its frame and glass broken,” a center employee said. “As far as Dali’s artwork is concerned, apart from shattered frame and protective glass, it also suffered damage to the picture itself.”

The deputy director of the cultural center has sent a written statement to the police asking justice for the damaged paintings. Yekaterinburg, however, has refused to open a criminal case against the selfie-takers.

The event is only one of many occurrences where selfies have either ruined art or even killed people. Just last month, two travelers died from plunging down a cliff in Yosemite National Park after attempting to snap a selfie.

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