This bizarre ‘Trumpy Bear’ commercial just aired on FOX News and people are losing their minds

Apparently, there is a bear you can buy that looks like U.S President Donald Trump which even comes with his signature blonde comb-over.

His name? ‘Trumpy Bear’.

This advertisement looks like it might be a parody but no folks, its real alright.

‘Trumpy Bear’ became viral after Aaron Rupar spotted the ad on FOX News and once Twitter got wind of the news, people could not stop sharing it.

The Trump look-a-like bear has been around since 2017 and has produced equally bizarre ads but it wasn’t until it was spotted on such a big U.S TV network did people really start asking about the legitimacy of the bear.

However, a representative from FOX News has confirmed that the ad was only aired locally and not nationally so not all Americans will be seeing the bizarre ad on their TV screens.

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