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In Taiwan, Starbucks opens store made from 29 shipping containers

Starbucks stores are usually pretty uniform in design, but not in this Taiwanese city.

In a shopping center in the city of Hualien, 29 shipping containers are stacked together to create a Starbucks, complete with drive-thru service.

Opened back in September, the 320-square-meter Starbucks was designed by award-winning Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and is the company’s first store in Asia Pacific to have been built using recycled shipping containers.

According to Taiwan News, the three-stack design is “like sprayed twigs to symbolize the imagery of a “big tree.” And on the inside, the store keeps things cosy with wood panels, skylights, and a wall mural to add a bit of colour and pays homage to the Amis people’s rich heritage.

Starbucks says the store is designed to “help bring people together over coffee,” with part of this coffee shop giving customers an uninterrupted view of the Central mountain range.


The coffee giant has made a commitment to building sustainable stores around the globe with their “Starbucks Greener Stores” initiative. This initiative was also announced in September and aims to build and operate 10,000 greener Starbucks stores around the globe by 2025. You can read more about the company’s efforts here. And keep up with the badass designs of Kengo Kuma, here.


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