Montaigne just dropped a new single, and it is stunning

Fall in love with For Your Love.

ARIA Award-winning Sydney artist Montaigne has just released her powerful new single, entitled For Your Love.

Co-written with songwriters Mozella (Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball) and Kyle Shearer (Dua Lipa’s Scared to Be Lonely), the piece is a bold musical leap for Montaigne as she confronts dark and “brutally personal” memories.

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Hello Monteam, finally my single ‘For Your Love’ is coming out on all platforms. TOMORROW. I’m also touring next April. Check my bio for tickets. Thank you to everyone who tuned in this morning with @benandliam and thanks to @triple_j for premiering it! Thank you to @johnnyvision for helping me bring out my Spanish best with this pic. I am now this emoji 💃🏻

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“I was reflecting on my first and so far only boyfriend,” the 23-year-old said. “It was a short relationship, but it was long enough. The first few lyrics from For Your Love hark back to Because I Love You: ‘I have been a snake, I have been a dog’.

“It’s supposed to be a little uncomfortable, the whole song is supposed to emphasize being dehumanized. Retroactively that is how it felt. Especially me as a fiercely independent person. To have gotten sucked into that, I know I’m better than that.

“The song is a valuable documentation of that moment in my life. It’s a cautionary tale. It was a good learning experience.”

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Welcome to Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month! @marieclaireau’s done a spread on a great gaggle of women who suffer or have suffered from anxiety and/or depression and I have contributed my own story, which you guys have heard much of on this platform. Anxiety’s the most common mental health condition in Australia, one in three women experiencing it in their lifetime. Interestingly, whilst the magazine is usually marketed for women, it would be great also for men to read, since I’ve found that it’s usually men who are least aware of the things that trouble them internally (that’s not a hit on men, I’m addressing the unfortunate fact that they’re often pressured into patterns of repression and emotional disconnection for societal want of seeming tough etc – we all know we live in a patriarchal society with a rigid paradigm of masculinity). The activity I’ve described in the write-up is just a healthy coping mechanism. It is not the cure to either of these things. A life is the sum of its parts, and in order to get better, or at least to manage my neuroses, I made sure to recalibrate all of the things out of whack in my own life. I went to therapy to address latent trauma or extant tensions (I continue to do this), made sure I ate a healthy and complete vegan diet, tried to follow sleeping patterns to the best of my ability, avoided alcohol and coffee, tried to stay off social media a bit more, and of course journaled rigorously etc etc. These worked for me, but I am not you, and not every solution is suitable to every person, so please – and this is for the younger kids out there – take everything I say with a grain of salt, and try your best to inform yourself about these things as thoroughly as possible, then figure out what’s best for you. But just know that you deserve to feel better, and that it’s okay to ask for help. P.S. I’ve said that it would be a good read for men and women, and I don’t mean to exclude anyone who identifies as anything along the spectrum of gender identity beyond the binary. The discussion around mental health is for everybody, and perhaps even more vitally for those who identify as non-binary/non-cis.

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For Your Love also serves as a teaser for what’s to come: her sophomore album, which Montaigne said should be due for release next year.

Another piece of good news: to celebrate the single’s release, Montaigne has also announced a national headline tour in April 2019, with stops in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, Brisbane, and Gold Coast.

You can head on over to Montaigne’s official website to learn more.

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