Featured Image for Marilyn Manson is selling dildos with his face on them for $125

Marilyn Manson is selling dildos with his face on them for $125

The Satanic superstar has done all kinds of wacky stuff – from urinating on his audience to cutting his wrists live on stage – but adding a giant dildo to his online store might be his weirdest act yet. 

That’s right. On Marilyn Manson’s online store, which is full of knickknacks like upside down crosses and chokers, a new product has been added.

The ‘Double Cross Dildo’ is an 8-inch-long, 1.5-diameter hypoallergenic pleasure machine adorned with Manson’s face. Uh, that’s not a sentence I thought I’d ever write.

He announced the new product with a post on Instagram, right beside a Halloween Pumpkin stencil. Because, you know, Halloween and dildos go hand in hand.

Marilyn Manson dildo

Seriously, the tip of the dildo is a giant, painted, Marilyn Manson face. Along the shaft, his name is printed in a bold, black font to match the dildo’s look.

It’s the perfect gift for all your Goth mates who want to combine their two favourite things: dildos and Marilyn Manson. I mean, Kobe and Shaq, Jordan and Pippen, dildos and Marilyn, another iconic duo.

The soft, ‘lifelike’ Marilyn Manson dildo has a sucker base, presumably so you can attach it to some sort of hard surface for leverage. It is made of silicone and you’ll be happy to know that it is environmentally safe.

It comes with a velvet logo bag for “easy and discreet storage.” You can put it in your Marilyn Manson drawer, right by your other occult belongings.

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A shrine for our Lord and savior Marilyn Manson! @marilynmanson #marilynmanson #marilynmansondildo #ilovemarilynmanson #marrymemarilynmanson #obsessedorsomeshit

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But be warned, ol’ Marilyn’s head “may fade with multiple uses.” Damn it.

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