Featured Image for ‘So Frenchy So Chic’ to have an all-female lineup for the first time

‘So Frenchy So Chic’ to have an all-female lineup for the first time

The French-inspired festival is already on its eighth year, yet it still continues to surprise.

‘So Frenchy So Chic’, the one-day celebration of French culture returns in 2019 with – for the first time ever – an all-female musical lineup.

The program will be headlined by singer-songwriter Camille Dalmais, who first wowed Australian audiences in 2006 with her hit song Ta Douler. Also performing will be dance-pop group Yelle, former La Femme frontwoman Clara Luciani, and jazz-infused club pop artist Clea Vincent.

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CAMILLE! YELLE! CLARA LUCIANI! CLÉA VINCENT! This summer, an all-female line-up celebrating the best in French music right now is coming to you. #SFSC19. Limited Early bird tickets on sale now (save 20% off gate price). Ticket Link in bio

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Of course let’s not forget the lush garden party setting filled with the finest French food, including oysters and mussels, raclette, macaroons, and crepes. For drinks, they’ll be serving French beer and champagne, red and white wine from Bordeaux, and rosé from Provence.

So Frenchy So Chic will be held on the following dates: Friday, January 11 at Pinky Flat in Adelaide; Sunday, 13 January at Werribee Park in Melbourne; and Saturday, 19 January at Bicentennial Park Glebe in Sydney.

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Bon weekend, Francophiles. We hope you're enjoying the spring air (and brushing up on those picnic skills ready for summer)… 🍇🧀🥖🍷

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We recently caught up with Yelle lead singer and namesake Yelle (Julie Budet) to know more about their music, as well as what to expect come early next year. Check it out:

You have a significant following both in France and overseas — having toured with Katy Perry and being one of the only French acts to play Coachella three times. What do you think it is about your music that transcends language barriers?

“I think people feel things, feel a connection, in a very spontaneous and natural way, like when you meet someone and you instantly feel good with this person. I’m not sure there is a proper technical explanation, it’s about the energy, the human factor.”

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We have some pretty big announcements coming in the next few weeks (including save the dates!), so start to get excited for #SFSC19! Who would you love to see grace the SFSC stage? 📸: Amazing shoot of #SFSC18 artists @lucieelisajuliette by @collectrice!!

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It has been 11 years since you released your first album, Pop Up. Has your approach to your music and touring changed much over the years?

“To my music, I probably feel more and more free. I am proud of what we have done so far and I know we can still explore whatever we want to. There would always be our signature in a way.

“About touring, I would say about the same actually, even though I kind of start knowing many places around the world now. People who come to sing and dance with us are more and more adorable, it’s like visiting some friends! We are extremely lucky to have such nice crowds everywhere, there is so much love and there are so many smiles. So it makes you feel great and greater.

“Overall I would say it’s a slow crescendo, my ‘career’ hasn’t known a specific climax, it keeps going slowly and surely, I love this.”

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SYD. MEL. ADL. Ready for a unique day of music, style, culture, food, wine and fun? Early bird tickets are on sale now for a limited time only. 🇫🇷 sofrenchysochic.com

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As an artist, many of your songs are concerned with feminist topics. It must be important to you to be a part of So Frenchy So Chic’s first ever all-female lineup?

“Feminism is not ‘female first’, it’s equality. But yes it is a very cool line¬up! I must say Camille’s Le fil album is still a masterpiece in my CD collection!”

What can Australian fans that aren’t familiar with your unique blend of electro¬pop expect from your live show?

“This show is part of the Yelle Club Party tour, which is a different formula than the usual one. It’s more club-oriented in the selection of the tracks, the gear set¬up, and the vibe. We dance all the time! So be ready to be moving your bums and to be in a good mood, otherwise you might get bored!!”

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Kick back this summer with friends, plan a picnic and listen to the best in French tunes. 🇫🇷🎶 Our pop garden party is back in 2019! Early bird tickets are on sale now! But they won’t last! #SFSC19 🍾

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After you finish your crazy tour schedule in Brussels in February, what will you work on next?

“The Yelle Club Party tour might not really end precisely. It’s something we want to do randomly, and as often as we can. We always work on new songs, not always at the same pace though.

“I have been through some tough times personally so I just let things go. Or come. I mean I don’t force movements at the moment. But there are always ideas on the grill, and the connection with people via stuff like Instagram is a good way to be aware of what happens.”

You can head on over here to learn more about ‘So Frenchy So Chic’ 2019.

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