UK grocery store’s heart-wrenching orangutan ad gets banned from TV for being too political

Iceland Foods, a grocery chain store in the UK, has had their new Christmas advertisement banned from airing in the UK.

The grocery store was working with Greenpeace to remove palm oil from all of its home brand items by the end of the year.

For the ad, Iceland Foods used an animation which was previously released by Greenpeace, called “Rang-Tan”, to battle the issue of deforestation.

The orangutan population has been declining rapidly due to the deforestation to harvest palm oil, commonly used in household items such as shampoos.

However, the ad was pulled from the screens before it even had a chance to air.

The reasoning was that the ad had violated “political rules” of the broadcasting codes in the UK and was linked to Greenpeace.

Despite being banned, this publicity has worked out for Iceland Foods as many are petitioning to get this back onto their screens.

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