Featured Image for Video called ‘The Most Satisfying Video in the World’ doesn’t disappoint

Video called ‘The Most Satisfying Video in the World’ doesn’t disappoint

For some reason, watching things explode in slow-motion is like catnip for humans. We can’t get enough of it.

There are many videos out there littering the ‘tube, featuring people destroying or blowing up random objects. But the most recent one has caught our attention. It is appropriately titled The Most Satisfying Video in the World.

The video is just under 14 minutes long and shows a man cutting open basketballs, blowing up watermelons, and popping balloons… among other things. Of course, it is slowed down so that you can enjoy every excruciating second and observe every minute detail.

You WILL be satisfied.

This video reminds us of a beautiful advert shown in the UK several years ago, which brought a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘flavour explosion’. The advert, directed by Chris Cairns, shows bags of colourful spices slowly exploding into the air in time to music. The result is pretty breathtaking, and very, very satisfying. Here it is, in case you missed it, or want an excuse to watch it again… and again… and again…

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