Featured Image for LOOK: the out-of-this-world entries at Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2018

LOOK: the out-of-this-world entries at Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2018

When I lived in London, the first thing someone said to me was “don’t forget to look up.” I took that advice and was well rewarded for it. Some of the most stunning architectural feats and interesting perspectives can only be observed by looking beyond our eye-line.

This same advice applies to the natural world. For many of us who live in cities or inner-city suburbs, we don’t often have the opportunity to see the night sky in all its glory. We are reminded that the milky way does indeed exist only on those scheduled country getaways.

Well, thankfully, we can also observe the beauty of the night sky (and its comparative grandeur to our humble selves), through the eyes of others. The Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, hosted by the Royal Greenwich Observatory, is now in its 10th year, and has just passed judgement on the 4,200 plus entries that were received.

The competition is split into categories, including Galaxies, Sun, Moon, People and Space, etc. They also have an overall winner, who this year was photographer Brad Goldpoint. He took the prize with his long exposure image titled Transport the Soul. It features the Milky Way, the moon, and Goldpoint himself in a desert canyon in Moab, Utah. (See below)

We’ve also rounded up our favourite top ten for your perusal, but of course you can view the rest over at the RMG website. Enjoy!


Winner – The Grace of Venus
© Martin Lewis

Green Aurora

Winner Aurorae – Speeding on the Aurora Lane
© Nicolas Lefaudeu

Milky way desert

Winner and Overall Winner – Transport the Soul
© Brad Goldpaint

Galaxy colour

Mosaic of the Great Orion and Running Man Nebulae
© Miguel Angel García Borrella and Lluis Romero Ventura

Tree and galaxy at night

Highly commended – Me versus the galaxy
© Mark McNeill

Lighthouse and galaxy

Keeper of the Light
© James Stone

Landscape and galaxy

Guardian of Tre Cime
© Carlos F. Turienzo

Autumn morning landscape and sky

Winner Young Competition- Great autumn morning
© Fabian Dalpiaz


Winner Galaxies- Corona Australis Dust Complex
© Mario Cogo


Holy Light II
© Mikkel Beiter