Featured Image for HOLY HOLY’s new music video is a stunning dance performance in the streets of NYC

HOLY HOLY’s new music video is a stunning dance performance in the streets of NYC

Australian indie rock band HOLY HOLY is back with a new sound, and a new (must-watch) music video.

Directed by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, the music video for HOLY HOLY’s new single, entitled Faces, depicts different people going about their everyday lives, when suddenly, they bust a move in the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

“I wanted to capture everyday living, the intensity and character of the streets,” said Claudia. “The refreshing thing about NY is you can dance on the streets and no one really batts an eye lid.”

Tim Caroll, the group’s frontman, added: “The clip explores what it is to be human and touches on the beauty and darkness of that experience.”

Faces is part of HOLY HOLY’s third studio album, and features a synth and beat-driven tune that departs from the band’s trademark solos and riffs.

We recently caught up with Tim Caroll and Oscar Dawson to know more about their new single and studio album, as well as their constantly evolving music. Check it out:

How would you describe it?

“I’m not well placed to describe it because I was involved in making it, which might sound like a cop-out but it is hard to describe something that you’ve spent a lot of time working on.

“For me, the music is fun… it’s kinda got the alternative guitar driven thing going on somewhere deep-down, but we have been more influenced lately by hip-hop records and even pop artists. We want it to be more driven by drums and samples rather than sounding like a band-in-the-room.”

And what was the inspiration behind it?

“A few different inspirations… as I say we want to make music that is more driven by drums and less driven by guitars, so that was an initial part of it.

“Lyrically, Tim is exploring experiences that take place within our contemporary life – conflict, anonymity, social media, refugees, asylum seekers, engagement, disengagement. It’s supposed to be confounding and disconcerting at the same time as being a party banga.”

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New art, and a new song. Tune in this Thursday to Veronica and Lewis on @triple_j to hear ‘Faces’.

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Faces is the first single from your forthcoming album. What has changed since your last album, Paint?

“Well, lots of things have changed, but also, not much.

“Tim and I are still working as the core of the project which has really always been the case, but in this case, we are making the entire record together from the ground up. Which is a change. We are just keen to try new things. Partially out of curiosity, partially out of boredom, and in some ways also out of practicality.

“We are just making the record bit by bit, in different studios, in Melbourne, Brisbane, Tasmania – wherever we might find ourselves, and however we can do it. It’s fun and refreshing and a new perspective for us.”

We really enjoyed watching the music video for Faces. Could you tell us more about it? About how it all came together?

“It is made by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore. She is an old friend of Tim’s, and someone who I have known as an acquaintance for some time. She has done a lot of film clip work and also was heavily involved in the ‘Her Sound Her Story’ project. Tim and Claudia worked on it, but really, Claudia did it – she was travelling in the US and she cast and shot the clip. So really, it’s her baby.

“These days with video clips I like to hand over the reins to other people and let them take things away – it’s more fun to see someone else interpret a song, rather than me getting my greasy mits all over some video content that I am frankly unqualified to be a part of.”

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NSW shows begin next week. Let’s seee if we can figure out how to play Faces live. 👁👁 See you soon

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What did you love most about the music video?

“I love the older female character. I’m mesmerised by her movements and grace. I’m really glad that Claudia did such an amazing job at bringing such diversity to the clip, in terms of the characters. It shows why diversity is important – not just because it’s fair, but because it’s beautiful.”

Also, what do you love most about New York?

“Hard to say that I actually love New York. Like a lot of places in America, it is full of incredible history, a lot of hardship, a lot of excitement, a lot of struggle, a lot of inequality, a lot of inspiration. So that more means that I’m conflicted about it. Put short – I enjoy being there … ‘those streets will make you feel brand new… big lights will inspi-ya you…’.”

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Mojos in Fremantle is sold out – limited tickets avail for other shows – link in bio – SEE YOU SOON X

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HOLY HOLY will go on a national tour throughout November and December. You can head on over to their official website to learn more.

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