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Employee sues Tesco for £20,000 after coworker farts in his face

He says his colleagues have been a**holes.

42-year-old Atif Masood, a customer assistant at Tesco, is suing the supermarket chain for £20,000 (US$26,000 or AUS$36,000) after a coworker “broke wind in his face.”

You read that right. £20,000. For a fart.

Masood said that the act was “very serious and disturbing,” and was just one of many incidents of bullying from his colleagues. In legal papers submitted to the London South employment tribunal, Masood alleges he was harassed and discriminated for his Pakistani background and Muslim faith.

He claims that he received WhatsApp messages that were “derogatory,” and that he regularly got comments such as “Muslims are terrorists.” His coworkers also called him a liar in front of customers.

The final straw came in December when one colleague farted in his face, while two others did nothing but laugh.

Masood, who has been working at Tesco since 2006, said that the company has too much racism in their store, and that they did not investigate his complaint properly.

In response, Tesco has reviewed their CCTV footage and found that there was “sufficient evidence” to substantiate Masood’s farting claim. The chain, however, has denied it tolerates such behaviour in the workplace.

The hearing will take place next year.

What do you think? Is Masood overreacting or are there really shitty working conditions at Tesco?

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