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Man uses a blowtorch to kill spiders, sets house on fire

I once spent three weeks alone in a beautiful manor on the outskirts of a tiny English village. Sounds idyllic, right? It was — until I discovered that it was also home to a very large family of spiders. 

If I had a blowtorch at the time, I probably would have used it. Well, it turns out that someone in a similar situation has done exactly that.

A man who was house-sitting his parents home in Fresno, California, set the home aflame while attempting to get rid of some black widow spiders with a blowtorch.

Some are calling him crazy, but others (me) are giving him a big ol’ wink and a thumbs up for effort.

Two fire trucks responded to the call last Tuesday night. Luckily, firefighters were able to calm the blaze within minutes.

We don’t think he’ll be asked to house-sit again any time soon — the attic and second story of the house sustained pretty severe fire damage.

Lee Wilding, deputy of the Fresno Fire Department, told ABC News:

“The tenant used a torch like a handheld propane torch to kill the spiders that were around the base of the residential structure, and in doing so some flame from the torch went in between some of the cracks and the siding and into the interior of the wall.”

“It started a small fire within the wall that then traveled up into the attic through the wall space and into the attic to cause a larger fire.”

The man wasn’t injured in the fire, and gave authorities a full account of what had led to the blaze.

Tony Escobedo, Fresno’s Fire Battalion Chief, said to KFSN-TV that “we don’t ever recommend using some type of heating device like that to get rid of any vermin or spiders. This probably was a bad idea.”

Alright, I admit it probably wasn’t the smartest course of action to take.

But Twitter users certainly don’t seem to agree:

At least the spiders are dead… or are they?

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