Featured Image for You have never seen a golf clubhouse this beautiful, ever

You have never seen a golf clubhouse this beautiful, ever

And you thought golf was just for grandpas.

Behold! One of the most beautiful — if not the most beautiful — golf clubhouses in the world.

The Golf Exécutif Montréal is located just minutes from downtown Montreal and features nine holes that can be played within two hours, as well as a driving range. But if you’re thinking about those harsh winters of Quebec, you’ll probably be thinking how on earth can golfers enjoy a driving range when snow has piled up metres high.

And that’s where Canadian design firm Architecture49 comes into play.



Their designers have created a minimalistic golf clubhouse that has a roof double its size so avid golfers can enjoy the exclusive club’s driving range during the winter. And if things get a bit too chilly while driving the ball, guests can relax in the open plan lounge.

This lounge is about as basic and chic as it gets, with simple concrete floors, supersized windows that offer views of the city, a bar, and golfing simulators that will help you prepare for the real deal during the summer months.



The successful construction of the roof required precision design work to ensure a harmonious relationship between the structure’s exterior and interior proportions,” Architecture49 notes. “The curves of both the roof and building, back and front, give the clubhouse a refined touch.”



The best part of the design is that architects have made a choice to use materials from local suppliers and contractors in Montreal and Quebec.

Check out a timelapse video of construction below.

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