Featured Image for Dogs find their true human counterparts in this totally wacky card game

Dogs find their true human counterparts in this totally wacky card game

If British photographer Gerrard Gethings approaches you on the street saying you look like a Saint Bernard, take no offense. He’s probably just scouting for his next photo series.

In the newly released memory game Do You Look Like Your Dog? Gethings gets players to match dogs with their (almost) human doppelgängers.

“The plan was to shoot the dogs, find the humans, style them, then have them behave or pose in a similar way”, he tells The Guardian.

“This process would be repeated until we had all the shots. At the same time I would always have one eye on people I passed in the street. Many of the subjects I stopped in the park or on the bus, and had to find a tactful way of saying you look exactly like a poodle, can I take your photograph?”

The game features 25 sets of dogs and humans, including one very scruffy Hungarian Puli, a slobberful Newfoundland named Doug, and a magnificent Siberian Husky who found his match in a suave middle aged guy with heterochromia.

In describing the photography process, it seems Gethings had quite an interesting time.

“Almost all the dogs were funny. The giant Newfoundland had way too much love to give and almost killed my assistant, knocking her to the ground and cuddling her into submission. Our beautiful, competition winning, standard poodle was in hair and make-up for about two hours, and then the next dog turned up early. They took one look at each other and set off together, rolling and barking and generally going bonkers. The groomer was distraught. One dog mistook my tripod for a lamppost and every other dog who followed saw this as an invitation that would be rude to ignore”.

Follow Gerard Gethings on Instagram to see more of his work (you won’t regret it; it’s full of doggos).

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