Featured Image for Irish castle featured in Game of Thrones is now on the market…for a cool $900,000

Irish castle featured in Game of Thrones is now on the market…for a cool $900,000

If you love Game of Thrones, would be happy spending Christmas curled up beside a roaring, centuries-old fireplace, and have a spare AU$900,000 lying around, then we have just the real estate offering for you! 

In Northern Island, the 19th century Gosford Castle is up for grabs – well, the renovated part at least. Built in the mid-1800s, the towering stronghold was home to the Earls of Gosford until 1921.

Gosford Castle Interior

Interior Shot. Photo Credit: PropertyPal

It went on to be used to house troops during the Second World War, and a prisoner of war camp was even set up on the estate. Most recently, it shed its gruesome past and was converted into a hotel. It’s been uninhabited since the ’80s.

To say it has an interesting history would be an understatement (it’s definitely haunted).

But its fictional history might interest you even more. If you take a closer look, the burgundy wood-trimmed walls and moody interior might look eerily familiar. Think of Starks, murder, weddings and the colour red…

That’s right, the historic castle played host to the infamous ‘Red Wedding’ episode in season three of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Robb Stark in Red Wedding Episode

Robb Stark in Red Wedding. Photo Credit: HBO

Yep, you could hold your dream Christmas banquet in the same room where some of your favourite GoT characters were brutally murdered. You can even set up a tea party outside, right by where Lord Rickard Karstark was beheaded.

It would certainly make for some interesting table talk.

While you’re only able to purchase part of the property, it certainly wouldn’t feel like you were getting the short shrift. You would have 15 bedrooms, 10 reception rooms, 10 bathrooms and 1,100 acres of woodland at your disposal.

According to PropertyPal:

In 2006 the castle was bought by Gosford Castle Development Limited who put forward a £4m proposal to restore the Grade A listed building into 23 luxury residences. The restoration was undertaken by artisans and craftsmen with a focus on retaining the character and historic integrity of the castle. Particular care was taken to use existing features such as staircases and vaulted ceilings and even to use original colour schemes wherever possible.

Gosford Castle Interior

Interior Shot. Photo Credit: PropertyPal

Unfortunately, the castle doesn’t come with an era-appropriate wardrobe, so if you intend to swan around in a wide skirt and wig, you’ll have to source your outfit elsewhere.

You can purchase your dream castle here.