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Who wants ice cream when you can have booze cream

This is one of those stories that’ll have the tummy rumblin’ as you simultaneously reassure yourself that it’s five o’clock somewhere.

Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery in St Louis is revolutionising the ice cream industry.

While we’ve all heard of (and, to be perfectly honest, are now pretty bored of) microbreweries, Clementine’s is a microcreamery.

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The sun's out and there should be something in your hand. How about our deliciously boozy ice cream? Our Amaretto Sour flavored ice cream is a great way to stay cool and enjoy those hot summer days. #clementinesstl #amarettosour #boozyicecream #naughty #staycool #delicious

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More than just a name, Clementine’s lives up to this moniker by providing chilled confectionary that is small batch, handcrafted, all natural, low overrun (less than 30 percent) and has over 16 percent butterfat.

Oh yeah, and the flavours are divided up into being ‘nice’ and ‘naughty’ – with the latter earning that particular title by being boozy.

And not boozy as in “ooh, that rum and raisin has a bit of a kick,” but boozy as in up to 18 percent alcohol by volume.

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Inspired by recipes served at the Campbell House, our new Roman Punch flavor is a timeless mix of oranges, lemons and champagne straight out of STL history. Grab a scoop in-store or at the Campbell House Museum gift shop! #clementines #creamery #icecream #gourmet #artisanal #flavors #yum #yummy #dessert #stlfood #stlfoodie #stlouis #stl #romanpunch #campbellhouse #campbellmuseum #campbellhousemuseum

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Yet, by all accounts, it still tastes good. Like, real good.

Take Clementine’s Maple Bourbon with Pecans, which is described as consisting of “Real maple and bourbon boozy ice cream with salted, candied pecan pieces speckled throughout. Bourbon hasn’t tasted this good since prohibition.”

Of course, with a one-pint punnet of the stuff selling for the tear-inducing price of US$56 (AUS$77), it’d want to similarly get your mouth watering.

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Take a walk on the naughty side, you deserve it. Boozy pints & scoops available to indulge your wild side. ??? #clementinesstl #creamery #icecream #gourmet #artisanal #flavors #yum #dessert #stlfood #stlfoodie #stlouis #stl #boozyicecream #boozy #naughty #alcohol

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So how do they do it? Well, owner Tamara Keefe has filed a patent on her process, so isn’t about to give up the secret, but she reckons “It’s been a huge game changer for us and for the industry.”

“There’s been no innovation in ice cream ever. People are still making ice cream the same way they did 100 years ago,” Keefe told Eater.

And Keefe sees her new way of doing things as being the start of a massive shift in her own fortunes, with plans to expand from the current two storefronts to 25 in the coming five or so years.

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