Featured Image for Sony brings back the PS1 with a mini version of it

Sony brings back the PS1 with a mini version of it

It will launch just in time for Christmas.

Taking a leaf out of Nintendo’s book, who have had tremendous success with its NES and SNES Mini consoles, Sony has announced the PlayStation Classic, a compact reimagining of the original PlayStation.

Preloaded with 20 classic games, the console launches on December 3 and will cost US$100 (AUS$149.99).

The attention to detail is fantastic. The classic perfectly mirrors the original PlayStation – from the logo to the button layout, controllers, packaging and even the dull grey colour scheme.

The only visible difference is that the machine is 45 percent smaller than the original and just about fits in one hand.

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Twenty classic games. One classic console. The #PlayStationClassic arrives December 3.

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Of course, while it looks identical to the original, technology has changed in the 24 years since the original console’s release. The PlayStation Classic plugs into your TV via HDMI, is powered by USB.

Those who played the original PlayStation will be grateful to know that the classic utilises a virtual memory card, not those untrustworthy 128mb rectangles that deleted your save files on a whim.

So far, of the promised 20 classic games, Sony has confirmed five. Jumping Flash!, Wild Arms, Tekken 3, Ridge Racer Type 4, and Final Fantasy VII will all come built in the device.

There is no shortage of great games for Sony to add – Syphon Filter, MediEvil and Castlevania to name just a few. Problems may arise due to potential rights issues, but one would assume due to this announcement, that Sony has negotiated terms around this.

Sony has stated that the games will be unmodified and in their original format.

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Playstation Classic vs OG Playstation.

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Also, in a consumer-friendly move that is sure to please couch co-op aficionados, two controllers are included with the console. Adding two controllers puts an emphasis back on local multiplayer that is sorely missing in the current generation of consoles.

One thing’s for sure, if the game library is as good as those five games currently announced, the PlayStation Classic will be the Christmas gift for nostalgic 90’s kids looking to re-live their childhood memories.

Sony has warned that the console is launching in “limited qualities,” so nostalgic PlayStation fans better rush to get one or risk missing out.