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New York mayor brushes off homeless woman during workout

It turns out that for mayor Bill de Blasio, getting a decent groin stretch is far more important than helping the people he’s supposed to be serving.

The mayor was stretching out at the Park Slope YMCA when Nathylin Adesegun, a 72-year-old homeless woman, asked him to provide more housing for the more than 62,000 people like her.

Rather than taking five minutes to hear her out, or even inviting Ms. Adesegun to make an appointment with his office, he stressed the sanctity of his workout.

“I’m doing my workout,” the video below shows de Blasio saying. “I can’t do this now. We’re not doing this here.”

De Blasio stood up and fled, while his security detail blocked the woman.

“He made it clear that his morning workout was more important to him,” Nathylin Adesegun told Patch NYC. “Am I just supposed to stay homeless?”

Ms. Adesegun was one of many advocates of VOCAL-NY — a community of activists fighting to build power among low-income New Yorkers — petitioning out the front of the Ninth Street gym.

The organisation is demanding that the mayor make 30,000 affordable housing units available to homeless locals. Seems like a lot, doesn’t it?

Not when you learn that the ‘affordable’ homes on the mayor’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing program in Brooklyn require applicants to earn almost $200,000-a-year. Seeing the average salary is about $69,000, the houses are far from affordable.

Mayor de Blasio’s program has added more than 300,000 ‘affordable’ housing units across New York City, with only a measly 5% designated for homeless New Yorkers.

“Mayor de Blasio may love working out, but his plan for housing homeless New Yorkers is just weak,” said Coalition for the Homeless policy director Giselle Routhier in a memo sent to press outlets.

“This is simply unacceptable and perpetuates the ‘Tale of Two Cities’ he vowed to fix.”

De Blasio didn’t speak to the protestors and his press office has not responded to several requests for comment.

The Park Slope gym is a convenient drive from the Gracie Mansion where the mayor lives, but it’s safe to assume that de Blasio will be in the market for a new workout spot. It’s always easier to avoid problems than face them.

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